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Lake Nojiri at Sunset
Photo by Shuichi Fujita (1994)

This is the informal, unofficial web by the volunteers of the IT teams supporting the 18th Winter Olympic Games to be held in Nagano, Japan, on February 7-22, 1998, and the 8th Paralympic Winter Games on March 5-14. It is intended for communicating our weekday and weekend activities among ourselves and to our friends worldwide, in a casual and non-bureaucratic manner.

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Preparations Prior to August, 1997

As publicly talked about already, thousands of IBM personal computers will be placed in and around Nagano City, before and during the Games. The preparations are underway by three teams: Results, Info '98 and Games Management. Other teams worldwide, such as WOTT, are supporting these preparations.
Created by Yoshi Mikami on June 3, 1997. Last update on Feb. 29, 1998.