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A Sushi Chain Owner Almost Single-Handedly Changed the Somalian Pirates Back to Fishermen.

According to this Japanese web article ( & ), dated Jan. 18, 2015, we have not recently heard of the Somalian pirates (right?), because Kiyoshi Kimura, President of Sushi Zanmai chain in Japan, had visited Somalian pirates, listened to their grievances (they were basically fishermen), and had changed them back to fishermen, by investing in their new fishing boats, freezer storage and training them to catch yellowfin tuna fish, abundant in the Somalian seacoast. Uploaded by Yoshi Mikami 2016.01.21. to his Timeline in Facebook.


All Vietnamese People Cried, Praising a Japanese Boy's Samurai Spirit.

A web page in Japanese ( ) reports about the experience of a Japanese policeman (his parents were Vietnamese refugees), and was was assigned to Fukushima Prefecture on March 16, 2011, five days after the disaster. On that cold night, he noticed a young boy of about nine years old, wearing only a T-shirt and short pants, who was standing at the end of the line to receive a meal. The boy had lost his parents and other family members. As the policeman gave his meal to this boy, he returned it to the meal delivery box, saying, "I'm sure there are other people who need it". (The policeman later reported this experience to the Vietnamese web sites, saying he, who had received doctorate degree in the Japanese education system, was taught by the young boy about the Japanese people's samurai spirit. He felt that the Japanese people will surely recover from this disaster.) Uploaded by Yoshi Mikami 2016.01.22. to his Timeline in Facebook.




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