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-   Whenever Dalian (April issue, 2013)

This Japanese-language monthly magazine has a feature interview article by the editor-in-chief to introduce the author and his newest book, “Spring in Dalian”:


-      Focus on Dalian (May issue, 2013)
      This English-language monthly magazine has a book review:

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- 日语杂志《Whenever大连》在20134月介绍这本书和著者:


- 英语杂志《Focus on Dalian》在20135月介绍这本书:

 Focus on Dalian Magazine-Issue 34 (May 2013).pdf



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Focus on Dalian Magazine-Issue 34 (May 2013).pdf




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A total of 326 people’s comments.


The comments that I have received as possible for being be made public are as follows:



 My first impressions of the Japanese were gleaned from films where people were shouting...‘Banzai !!’…rather loudly. Of late, it might be someone with an expensive camera round his neck standing politely next to me as we trail round one of England’s historic houses. So I’m a fairly typical British guy with all my stereotypes in place, and therefore it was all the more surprising for me to meet and befriend Yoshi Mikami in China of all places, and find that I had a lot more in common with him than I had with some of my neighbours in Manchester.


Like me, Yoshi grew up in a postwar world, and reading his  autobiography I’m fascinated to find that he has had a hand in some of the amazing computer developments which have immeasurably affected those of us growing up in that world. We both remember feeding batches of punched cards into the first computers, as big as a room, and hoping that, when we returned in the morning for the results, we did not find the job had failed because one of those cards was out of sequence !


But Yoshi doesn’t live in the past, and the passion he has for attracting new     business to his adopted city, Dalian, in north east China, is infectious. Not for him a comfortable early retirement from IBM; the restless energy of this global traveller leaps from the pages of his book, ‘Spring in Dalian’.


The book also reveals Yoshi’s more reflective side, and we discover through his accounts of family life, his Christian faith and his poetry a well rounded maturity of character, but with that boyish enthusiasm only just beneath the surface. See you in Dalian, Yoshi, unless you’ve heard that train whistle blowing….! 


2013.02.03. Andy Thompson, England, U.K.



 I was lucky to obtain one of the earliest copies of the book. Although my work and travel experiences are nowhere near the author’s, many of them track. For example, work on IBM360 architecture mainframes and mini computers, and living and travelling in Asia and Europe, such as Spain’s Andalucia. However, what gave me the closest feeling to the author, were his US and China experiences and his language abilities. Detail descriptions of his experiences and places he visited truly took me back to my US days and gave me goose bumps. I found it very interesting and enjoyable and recommend it to any globally minded reader.


2013.02.08.  Satoshi Oshima, Tokyo, Japan (now in Dalian, China)



“Dalian in Spring” reads like a travel guide to Dalian, its surrounding areas and beyond, but like none I’ve read. The book wet my appetite to keep exploring the beauty of Dalian before it changes too much more. Yoshi’s personal story and career have been and are being lived to the full, but the story is far from over.  Perhaps I’ll get to go with him on an adventure in the near future . . . if I can keep up. 


2013.03.29.  Brian Clark, Canada (now in Dalian, China



 The author shares with us many of his interesting experiences. This book is recommended for all young people.


2013.04.04. Helen Feng, Liaoyang, China (now in Dalian, China)



The book "Spring in Dalian" is really interesting!!!  It opened to me many different things that I didn’t know about Dalian, despite I have lived in Dalian around three years. The author had wonderful and full of different interesting events in life and I really thankful that he has shared his life experience. This book has inspired me to change my life and be more active. Thank you, Yoshi, for this book.



2013.04.17.  Irina Shin, Vladivostok, Russia (now in Dalian, China)



 I really liked the book "Spring in Dalian". Despite my busy academic schedule I enjoyed reading this book. It was so nice because of the stories shared from the heart, they touched my heart, too. I enjoyed reading the Precocious Autobiography, Things That Matter Most in My Life, and the Poems, both Epic and Lyric, mostly because I related to them, especially the Lyric Poems. I actually read them over and over again. I loved the photographic language the author used in "Snow in March", "The Summer Thunderstorm" and others.


  It is a pity that a story about Africa was put last, and it didn't end very well. I hope to invite the author to Tanzania one day, and maybe we will have a better conclusion about Africa. Now that I learned his love for hiking, I guess we can arrange a hike on Kilimanjaro Mountain, the highest free standing volcano, over 5000m high, God willing.


It is a wonderful achievement and priceless legacy to the author’s loved family to whom it is dedicated and to esteemed readers, as it carries a journey of 40 years of experience. God bless him for such a wonderful work.


       2013.04.17.  Daniel Nkungu, Tanzania (now in Dalian, China)



      It is interesting to read a book by a wise man with lot of life experience and who has traveled around most of the world. He manages to see the beauty in so many different things which is reflected by his many hobbies such as mountain climbing, encyclopedias, languages, history, food, ice skating, electronics, cars, traveling and writing. All this is surrounded in the book by small fine poems, which carefully describes the beauty of for instance the winter jasmines blooming. This encourages me to be thankful and to enjoy my everyday life.


2013.04.01. Lars Jepsen, Denmark (now in Dalian, China)



I have been extra busy these days, but just managed to finish reading this book. The whole book is permeated with love ----- love for nature, life and people. I am influenced by your attitude towards life.


And I like the 4th and 5th parts (Higher Education in Japan/US/China and Working in IT Industry) of the book very much. I am trying to work hard and get some results. And I feel that you had a clear goal in your career, and then tried hard to fulfill it. Yours is really a great characteristic.


     2013.04.17. Yolanda Wu, Amoy, China



A tip my hat to you for your many brilliant personal achievements thus far in life. After ICU not only have you reached the pinnacle state of being completely bi-lingual you have also excelled professionally by mastering the most important language of our times, that of computer technology. Then in the last twelve years like a good son of ICU and its ideals you devoted yourself to live and work in a foreign country by helping the Chinese people to develop their computer industry. Then there is your appetite for other languages....


To be frank I have not read the entire book. Nor have I read it in all three of the languages you wrote it, a tedious nevertheless a courageous and worthwhile exercise. In order to test my own ability to understand and digest Japanese I thought I would try to read it in Japanese first and if I confronted any difficulty comprehending any part I could always refer to the corresponding Chinese or English version. But your style of writing in Japanese is so very succinct and easy to read I just kept on reading in Japanese. From time to time to make sure of the meanings I consulted the Chinese translations, almost side by side to their Japanese equivalents, especially some of your poems.


This is when I realized that you and your Chinese friends in Dalian have also done a fantastic job putting your story in very stylish and readable Chinese. If they are not your good friends and impressed by you as a person/friend they would not exert so much to make the translation such a success. I admire you for having won so many Chinese hearts. See for more details.


May 14, 2013. George Weiming Yuan, Charlotte, NC, USA



Yoshi and I worked together in the early 1980’s at IBM when we were both in market planning for the IBM 3031/31xx ASCII product line. After finishing his book, I can say that I really wish I had spent more time getting to know him while we were together. He is such a fascinating individual with a plethora of life and work experiences. His book is like sitting in front of a fire swapping stories about what it is like to live and work in a variety of countries, while pouring drinks for each other in the Japanese tradition and having a good time.


Here in “Spring in Dalian” you’ll find not only information about the computer industry, but heartfelt poems and detailed itineraries for visiting China, Russia, Japan and a myriad of other countries.  Not to be missed is the appendix of every car that Yoshi has owned, and every one of his computers including make/model and memory size!  His attention to detail is just incredible!


May, 2013  Bob Lee, Brewster, NY, USA 



  For foreigners who would (like to) know more of Dalian. For students to understand that industry, (which is) so much at the heart of the city. For a more entertaining way to study English, Japanese, or Chinese.


  For the sympathy and outlook of an experienced and productive character. One who is a boon to the city, and who, with this narrative, has done it yet another service.


May 1, 2013. A Book Review by C. Stamback, in ”Focus on Dalian” magazine



I just finished your book “Spring in Dalian” that brought back so many great memories of the time we all worked together during the ‘80s in White Plains. It is amazing when someone like you tells of times gone by - it gives all of us the opportunity to more fully see all that occurred and how it impacted others. I agree with Bob - your attention to detail is phenomenal - no wonder you were so good at market planning. I also very much enjoyed your descriptions of China and the activity that is going on there in the IT world and beyond. It makes sense that you took this challenge on. Our world has changed a great deal in our lifetimes and we shared some of that change together as IT evolved to be such a significant force for change. Clearly what is going on in Dalian is an extension of that change.


Thanks for sharing your book and all the memories and the new lessons,


June 5, 2013.  Sean Ryan, NY, USA



May God bless you always and may He be with you anywhere and anytime. Congratulations on publishing the book on your life and life stories. Many thanks to God again that I have read the book and pray for His love and mercy on you, your family, and His blessing on Japan, China, USA and the other countries of the world that appear in your book.


  I am in Seoul to receive God’s next order. I injured my elbow while in Harbin, China, have been suffering from bone fracture and have rested six weeks since May 13. Please convey my greetings to the members of Dalian International Christian Church. 


June 21, 2013.  Y.M. Shin, Seoul, Korea



I have FINALLY finished reading your excellent book. It brought back so many memories of years at IBM. I also enjoyed reading about all of your travels. You have seen so much of the world and have shown great thoughtfulness in sharing your experiences with the readers of your book. And I cannot imagine how you kept track of all you have seen and done.


Do you have a diary where you recorded the great events of your life? I enjoyed reading about places that I, too, have visited. And I have gained a new insight into China.


  August 7, 2013.  Susan Cassell, Florida, U.S.A.


The Author’s Reply: Thanks for your comments. I have kept records of my life’s important things in my home page since about 2000. My earlier writings are mostly from my memory, but somewhat assisted by my family, high school friends, et al.



I am amazed at the energy Yoshi has carried with him through China and the book records just how many things he has achieved while there. His time has been split largely through four fields, the computer industry, languages, climbing and culture. Having known him personally, sharing three years with him in Dalian, up in the northeastern 'armpit' of China, known as 'Dongbei' (previously Manchuria), I can vouch for his vitality. It was exciting to see photos or read references to places I'd also been privileged to see and I was particularly envious of his trips to two places on our doorstep, iconic Harbin and Jinzhou City, the latter made famous through the autobiography, "Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China".


However, he also admits to being 'not so creative', one could say he's something of a technical geek. Colourful though his exploits have been, this book reads more like a diary than a literary chronicle. I think its main value to readers unknown to Yoshi is as a travel guide, and will serve as a good reference point for travellers.


August 7, 2013.  Ian Gemmill, Wellington, New Zealand



I have now briefly finished reading your book, “Dalian in Spring”, although I skipped through some parts. It is indeed a very interesting journey of your life, and I admire your courage to leave your comfort zone and explore the world. 


But one query I have: would you feel a bit insecure to reveal so much about your personal life (family) in your book? Certainly I will hesitate to be that open with my personal information. If one day I am going to write a biography I would probably still hide away the real names of my family.


September 13, 2013  Tommy Tang, Edinburgh, UK (now in Dalian, China)


The Author’s Reply: Privacy is a big concern when we write a book like this. In writing about my family, I tried to write a minimum, but so that my readers would feel that they now know a lot about it. I actually only disclosed their names and where they live, seeking what kind of professions in general.



First, my thanks to the author for introducing me in the book that I was the editor of his first of the three books, “Computer University of Foreign Languages,” which dealt with how to process foreign languages on the personal computer.


Next, I was surprised to find this book is a C/E/J multilingual book. Did you do the DTP process yourself? In any case, it’s really a headache to edit such a book. I feel your passion to your life resides in this fourth book. It will also be a good textbook for me, because I too learned some Chinese as a Mongolian language major in college.


This book is also a good travel guide. As I read a travel guide, so do I want to go on a trip. I have been to China to some extent, but not as extensively as the author. This book is full of things the author’s curiosity to his life has found out.  I wish him to continue his good efforts going.


September 16, 2013. Yasuko Katoh (Originally from Nagano Prefecture, Japan, but now in Tokyo, Japan)



Yoshi, congratulations! It was so good to read, especially the parts about IBM, it was really exciting to get another perspective from this company I am also working with! And the part about your various travels is great, if I ever make it to China again (or to some other parts of the world), I'll take this part to guide me. You do really have an exciting life! And it made me want to go back to China to visit…


February 20, 2014 Boglárka Várkonyi, Budapest, Hungary



Yoshi, congratulations! Although it’s not written in the book, I’ve recently learned that you enjoyed kayaking when you were much younger. I also started kayaking last year. You should bring your old kayak over to Dalian, and let’s paddle together!


July 31, 2014  Toshi Araki, Tokyo, Japan (now in Dalian, China)


The Author’s Reply: My “Fujita” folding-type kayak has not been used for a long time. Based on your request, I have added a section on “Kayakking” in the enlarged edition of this book to be available next year.



Yoshi Mikami is an exceptional writer who has written his book "Spring in Dalian" in 3 languages.  This alone places his writing in a category that demands attention. In addition, Mr. Mikami has given his readers much useful information about a period of extraordinary development in the digital age.


As a former resident of Dalian, I particularly enjoyed the chapters on Dalian.  Many of the places described in these chapters were ones I had visited; and their descriptions brought back pleasant memories of those happy years.


Any readers interested in learning" about Northeast Chine would certainly gain much by reading "Spring in Dalian."


August 4, 2014  Barbara Phillips (Springfield, Missouri, USA)



Thank you for letting me borrow the book, “Spring in Dalian” for a long time. I am surprised to find that you belong to many associations in Dalian, enjoying your life here!


September 21, 2014  Jeffrey Wong (Ontario, Canada; now in Dalian, China)



I finished reading your book last month. Thanks again for sending the book to me. I will contact our university library about donating the book when I return from Europe next month. I just realized you studied at Shanghai University for one month! I did my undergraduate studies there! So we are alumni of both Shanghai University and this university.


Your story of being an expat in China truly inspired me to expand my horizon while I am living in Pittsburgh. I feel I haven’t done enough to truly embrace the local culture. Reading the book in 3 languages is super fun, too, especially for a Chinese/English speaker who is studying Japanese. I can recommend the book to our Japanese professors, too. They can probably recommend the book to future Japanese language students.


October 1, 2014.  Wenjuan Jiang, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)



Have you ever gotten to talking with someone and thought, 'His stories would make a good biography, or maybe even a great book'? I came away with that impression after reading Mr Mikami's story. Mr Mikami follows in a family tradition of recording not only poetry, but his many life experiences in China, and beyond. Just for myself, as an HP'er, it was interesting to read about this IBMer's experiences which brought him from Japan, to work in America, and in particular New York state. It has long been said that all the interesting things at IBM happen in New York!


I was especially blessed to receive Mr. Mikami's bilingual report of his trip to experience the Holy Land aspect of Israel, which I hope he will include in a revision of his book. I am fortunate to have had Yoshi's acquaintance while living in Dalian. Overall, I should mention is that through his book as well as his numerous Wikipedia contributions and several China-based associations, Mr. Mikami has demonstrated that he is a friend of China - a Japanese friend.


October 18, 2014  Mark Smith (Dalian, China)



Nice to meet you and borrow the book, “Spring in Dalian, at the recent American Chamber of Commerce seminar. I have browsed the whole book, and I am really impressed by your devotion to work and enthusiasm to life. The layout of the whole book is convenient for comparison among three languages, which is helpful in language study, but may not be so convenient for focus on the content. There are some chapters I am very interested, for example your religion life, family life and the special experience you have in Dalian, etc. The pity is that most of the chapters are too short, and I cannot help wondering what is the story behind the content. Looking forward for your next work. 


November 26, 2014 Zhang Ying (Dalian, China)



It was nice to go climbing mountains together, in the latter half of my seven years’ stay in Dalian, 2004 to 2012, teaching at the university. I felt it important that people understand the early history of computer, which was described in the book. Use of the three languages was also very nice. Welcome, anyway, your future move to the Big Island!


January 6, 2015 Mike Chun (Hilo, Hawaii, HI, USA)



I recently was immersed in my dear friend Yoshi's autobiography, “Spring in Dalian”. His writings and well written story is a book of life adventures of Yoshi. It details the walks of life of one Japanese man to the small village where he grew up to the big cities of the US and China through college, family, work and historical perspective of technology through his work in the IT industry. I recommend Yoshi's book.


January 31, 2015 Aaron Pierce (Alabama, USA)



Thank you for the chance to review the manuscript of your book "Spring in Dalian" before its publication. I am happy you liked my suggestion of the subtitle, "My 40-Year Journey in IT and Other Life Poems". I think that gives readers a great perspective of the many interesting topics inside your book. Keep your good efforts going in China or elsewhere!


February 17, 2015  Sonia Tellez (Originally from Mexico City, Mexico. Now in Dalian, China)



I bought the book at the party two years ago to celebrate its publication at Office Korobocl, Tokyo. The second of the author’s three books that had been published, “Guide to Foreign Language Processing Products ‘95” written in Japanese, was extremely useful for me, as I worked for IBM as systems engineer to support the foreign companies located here, at the time when practical knowledge about how to process foreign languages was not available for lack of the Internet.


This new book, based on the author’s experience in the IT industry from 1965, one year after IBM System/360 was announced, referring to his work overseas as well as in Japan, and written in three languages, is a rare book and is recommended for many people.


February 18, 2015 Takashi Markus Shinada (Originally from Heidelberg, Germany. Now in Tokyo, Japan)



I was born and raised in Dalian, and, when I tried to learn Japanese recently, got to know Mr. Mikami by chance. As I was introduced to read this book “Spring in Dalian”, I was deeply exposed to Mr. Mikami’s optimistic view of life. To his work, he always tried his best, continuously learned, continuously sought new ways; to his life, he was optimistic and broadly minded; and to his wife and children, he showed best care. That all impressed me.


This senior friend in a span of life being able to describe such an illustrious story of himself, using three languages, made me to re-think about my own life. It made me to think that I too must meet difficulties of life in an optimistic attitude. In summary, I thank Mr. Mikami for showing his life to us, Chinese readers, and thank him for his effort to the IT industry in Dalian. I wish him good health, more pleasant moments and peace for the rest of his life.


March 26, 2015. Daniel Wang Gang (Dalian, China)



This year will be my 5th year in Dalian to be living and working in the garment manufacturing industry. "Spring in Dalian" is an encouraging book for me as a foreigner with a global mind. It is not easy to keep up the spirit in an environment with a total different cultural background. Also very inspiring to follow the author’s devotion to his life, work, family and friends. La vita è bella!!  


August 8, 2015 Makoto Ayugai (Dalian, China)



It was nice to read your book, as I assisted you in reviewing the Traditional Chinese draft of your enlarged edition. I, too, love traveling abroad, and enjoyed reading your book.


August 26,2015  Steve Chen 陈暹昌 (Hawaii, USA)


I borrowed your book and have just finished reading it. I was much impressed by your words in the Conclusion: “But I chose to jump in, and directly and indirectly help China, with an intention that helping Chinese people become richer materially and spiritually is the only way to achieve a more harmonious world for humankind.”


September 27, 2015  Sue Bottrell (Hawaii, USA)



Thank you so much for offering me your book. I have read your epic poems.  My favorite images are:

with the roses in our hearts


only the moon giving out lonesome light




September 29, 2015  Nancee Cline (Hawaii, USA)



Yoshi’s book was interesting to read, especial about the many trips he and his friends and/or family have taken to so many countries of the world. As I have also been to many of the same countries, cities and towns, the book helped me to remember fondly many of my travels. It was also good to read about Yoshi’s coming into a relationship with Jesus Christ, and how that has changed his life for now and eternity!


January 26, 2016 Ron Raridon (Hawaii, USA)



I liked some of your poems. It was nice to read your testimonies of becoming a Christian and of living in China as a Christian.


May 11, 2016 Steven Kerkhoff  (Hawaii, USA)



It was good to get to know you better. You went to a good Christian college and an excellent graduate school. You’ve been to many places of the World!


May 25, 2016 Bill Quinlin (Hawaii, USA)



I have read your excellent book. You are a fascinating guy. I loved your poems.


Sept. 10, 2016 AnnMarie Muramoto (Hawaii, USA)



Thank you for letting me read your book. I loved to see your wedding picture! And thank you for volunteering for Ywam’s Natural Farm.


Nov. 22, 2016 Lily Yeree Rim (Hawaii, USA)



While traveling to Hawaii from the mainland, I enjoyed reading your book, especially the travelogue part of the book!


Dec. 4, 2016  James Brown (Washington State, USA)



I liked the first two chapters and travelogues of your book. I will later send you my comments in detail.


Dec. 19, 2016  Joshua Zhao (Hawaii, USA)



It was nice to get to know you in Kona, Hawaii. I would be more interested in reading the cultural difference between China and Japan, so please include such a section when you have a chance to update your book.


Jan. 11, 2017 Barnabas Chen Linfeng (Guangzhou, China)



Thanks much for lending us your book. Fascinating stuff and want to read more. Very interesting time. Many changes to have experienced --- look forward to learning more!


March 9, 2017 Geoff Gilbert (Hawaii, USA)



It is amazing that you have been to so many places of the world. I, too, have spent much time in Alaska to serve the native Alaskans and share much of your experiences.


June 11, 2017 Dick Choy (Hawaii, USA)



Yoshi Mikami is a genuine, authentic Rolling Stone. There are some people who enjoy the occasional visit to an unfamiliar location, there are others who have their personal list of places they would love to travel abroad and see and then there are a few true pilgrims whose wanderlust has formed into a kind of core character trait. Yoshi is at least the latter if not beyond that a kind of unique pure radical soul whose automatic response to an invitation or opportunity to travel is an affirmative “YES”. To go where he has not yet been and furthermore to record the plethora of details and circumstances that guided his footloose path forward. See for more details.


July 19, 1917 Ken McGrath (Kona, Hawaii, USA)




読者のコメント in Japanese 3/3









5.IT, IBM共通の世界があり、知っている昔の同僚の名前に懐かしさがこみ上げてくる。また、知らなかったIBMの面を紹介していただき有難い。






2015.08.20. Harry 坂牧 秀一(米国・コネチカット州)







2015.09.04. Matsuko Nagata (Hawaii, USA)





2015.10.07. 井野 英哉(日本・神奈川県)





2015.10.09. 江尻浩三(日本・横浜市)





2015.10.10. 何徳 (日本・埼玉県)





2015.10.10. 仁藤 邦夫(日本・東京)





2015.10.17.  小澤 雄志(日本・東京都)





2015.10.20. 長沢 道子(日本・静岡県)









2015.10.27. 飯島 蘭子(日本・千葉県)





2015.10.30. 安倍 多枝子(日本・東京都)





2015.10.31. & 12/04 江頭 清房(日本・神奈川県、現在台湾・新竹)





2015.11.03. 青木 龍男(日本・兵庫県神戸市)





2015.11.05. 高橋 雅枝(日本・東京)





2015.11.05. 高木 武良(日本・東京都渋谷区)





2015.11.06. 高嶋 孝明(日本・神奈川県)





2015.11.07. 染谷 紀子(日本・東京都)







2015.11.23. 安原 桂子(日本・東京都)





2015.11.24. 周 文喜(中国・大連)





2015.11.27. 奥田 万里(日本・静岡県)







2016.01.08. 布施 信昌(日本・東京都)





     2016.01.27. 楠木 くに代 (日本・千葉県印西市)





     2016.01.31. 窪田 正明 (日本・神奈川県藤沢市)




また、カーネギーメロンの人工知能研究の派生的な?(漸進的な?)提言として、 もしご興味をお感じでしたら、『武士道マネジメント』(2016年、英文は「Bushido AI Programming」)をお読みいただければ幸甚です。三上さんからどのようなコメントを頂けるのか...少し緊張しながら、そのような折を楽しみにしております。


2016.02.02. 大中 忠夫(日本・愛知県名古屋市)





2016.02.02. 川名 進(日本・埼玉県所沢市)






2016.02.12. 須田 圭子(日本・東京都渋谷区)





2016.02.14. 小山 充子(日本・神奈川県横浜市)



ご著書を手にした時に、まず三か国語を併行して頁を進めるという画期的な構成に驚かされました。その様な願望を持つ人は今までにも居たかもしれませんが、実現した人居ないのではないでしょうか。その発想力、企画力、実践力には脱帽です。内容的には、縦軸が“life history”であり、横軸は“大連”ということかな、と拝読させていただきました。

 活動的な性格なので、世界をまたにかけての行動力は本当に素晴らしく、うらやましい限りです。そして常に努力を怠ることなく前向きで、ご両親から授かった知的能力の上に、好奇心と向上心が加わっているので、鬼に金棒と思いました、クリスチャンになられる以前からの自然体のhuman serviceの精神もきっと教育者であられたご両親の生きる姿勢から知らず知らず受け継がれたものかもしれませんね。


2016.02.14. 土屋 静子(日本・東京都)




2016.02.21. 池田 清(日本・神奈川県横浜市)





2016.02.21. 西田 幾久夫(日本・東京都中野区)






2016.02.29. 藤平 建治(日本・千葉県)







2016.03.06. 永田 哲夫(日本・千葉県)















2016.03.08. 柴﨑 等(日本・神奈川県)





2016.03.10. 近藤(日本・埼玉県)





2016.04.06. 武井 恵子(日本・東京都)





2016.04.16. 神田 健三(日本・東京都世田谷区)





この度は、大連の春の本を読ませいただき真にありがとうございます。まずは、三上さんが大連IT Clubの立ち上げも含めて、大連ITの発展に色々貢献していただくことに対して感謝しております。



1)その時代で、大学時代にすでに英語で数学と物理をならったことに対して大変うらやましいなと思っております。 この続きはここをクリック!


2016.05.10. Chris 金 石春(中国・大連)





2016.05.15. 新谷 勝利(日本・神奈川県横浜市)





2016.05.17. 米山 努(日本・福島県いわき市)












2016.06.05. 江原 敬一(日本・神奈川県)







2016.06.28. 森田 理香(日本・東京)





2016.07.03. 小形 紀(日本・東京)





2016.06.05. 藤岡 宥三(日本・東京都)











2016.07.06. 小飼 修三郎(日本・東京都)




 1.「自ら中国に飛び込んで直接中国の人々に関わり、中国の人々が物質的・精神面的に豊かになることが平和な世界へ進む道だと思ってきた。」は全く同感です。庶民レベルで平和のための努力を続けていくことが、国レベルにまで平和が繋がっていくように思われるのであります。   今、中国の人々が日本に沢山の方々が訪問されており、帰国後の感想は「日本に好感を持つ」方が多いということです。 このことは将来の平和に貢献するものとして嬉しいことです。